Everyone who climbs Kilimanjaro learns a multitude about Tanzania, Africa and just as importantly, themselves.

What will you learn as your make your way to the summit of the highest freestanding mountain in the world?

Pole Pole

 Slow and steady is the order of the day. Every day.

There’s a Swahili expression that you’ll hear on the mountains countless times during your Kili climb, from your guides, the porters and just about anyone else you encounter: “Pole Pole”, which means “slowly slowly”.

These are argulably the most important words you’ll hear on your journey – and whilst initially you may feel held back by the pace, you will appreciate it as you reach higher altitudes.

There’s no rush to the summit, and keeping everyone hiking at the same pace is essential for safety and fun!

The True Heros of Kilimanjaro

It’s highly unlikely that any of us would ever get anywhere near reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro without the porters.

These remarkable Tanzanians will carry your bags, tents and bedding.

They’ll pack up your camp after you set off in the mornings, then sprint past you along the route to make sure your camp is set up again before you arrive at the next campsite. 

Usually you won’t even see them sneaking past you, you’ll just arrive and magically everything will be set up.

They’ll also get you water to drink and wash with, and provide continuous cheer and moral support throughout your climb.

And they’ll take it all in their stride as if it’s just another day in the office.

A very tall, incredible office with the best views in the world.

Porridge isn’t just for kids

Climbing mountains is hungry work, and all of the hearty meals you’ll be served by our talented chefs on Kilimanjaro will go down like a treat and give you the invaluable fuel you need to conquer this mountain.

But for many, the absolute highlight of the day is the piping hot maize porridge that you’ll get first thing every morning.

A staple in many African countries, it’s full of nutrients, energy and warmth to help you start the day.  

Paired with a coffee or tea and a slice or two of toast, and it’s the breakfast of champions!

(I still don’t know how they make toast without open fires up on the mountain…)