Why are we climbing Kilimanjaro in 2020?

Our goal is to complete the construction of our Girls Primary School in Uganda, in time to open for Term 1 2021!

What are we raising funds for?

Winds of Hope uses all funds raised from this adventure (and most of our other activities) to go towards the construction and operation of our Girls Primary School in rural Uganda.

In many area of Uganda, many primary-school level girls are unable to afford basic school fees, uniforms and meals, so are unable to attend classes, and thus miss out on critical education early in life.

Our mission is to try to improve this situation by building a Primary School to cater for students in regions where poverty remains the highest barrier to education.

Learn more about the school by visiting our main web site Winds of Hope

How do we fundraise? And where does it go?

We are asking each climber to raise a minimum of $2500 through their friends, family and colleagues – this is separate to the Kilimanjaro climb fees, although climbers are permitted to raise for both.  Each climber will have a dedicated portal to help raise money for the school.

All funds raised goes directly to Winds of Hope, with no funds used for administrative purposes (aside from bank fees such as credit card charges and currency exchange fees, which are unavoidable).  Winds of Hope’s administrative fees are self-funded by Stella and Matthew.

Kisaabwa Primary School in Bukomansimbi

In 2019, Winds of Hope supported the Kisaabwa Primary School, a small 2-room primary school in the Bukomansimbi region in western Uganda.

The school was lacking a proper floor, many desks were broken or unusal, and most students attended school without uniforms or stationery.   

Whilst disappointed and shocked by the condition of the school, the students were eager to learn and their teacher encouraging and dedicated. 

Whilst we continue to raise funds for own primary school, we’re committed to helping schools such as Kisaabwa PS to ensure their students grow and prosper.

How do I fundraise?

Step1 – Fundraising Portal

We’ll help you fundraise by providing a personalized online fundraising portal. You can customize this with your own photos and details, and it allows people to donate directly or sponsor your climb.

Step 2 – Download marketing material

We’ll soon have a number of downloads, including email banners, posters and social media graphics that you can use to promote your fundraising cause.

Step 3 – Social Media

We’ll provide tips on how to use email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote your fundraising.

Step 4 – Host your own fundraising event

Run a BBQ (a typicaly Bunnings BBQ raises over $2000 per day!!), host a dinner or lunch, or just get your friends and family to rally together to help you raise money.

What happens if I don’t raise the whole amount?

The amount we’re showing is a guide and our goal, but is not a requirement. Some people will raise less, some more.

Our overall goal per trek is to raise around $50-$60,000.  This is about half the cost of the first phase of our school construction.

Additional Tips

  • Set a monthly target to help make reaching your target manageable.
  • Keep fun at the forefront of all fundraising ideas and get creative.
  • Think about how to incorporate a fundraising aspect into it activities you enjoy. If you love to bake, consider a bake sale. If tennis is your thing, create a Round Robin tournament.
  • Set high goals – shoot for the stars and land on the moon – it doesn’t matter if you don’t quite make it.
  • Prove your commitment by starting with a donation to yourself.
  • Consider asking a local business or employer to match donations you raise.
  • Ask a local social club (Lions, Rotary, etc.) to help fundraise or match your donations
  • Remind potential sponsors that all donations over $2 are tax deductible!
  • Post regular updates on social media about your training, fundraising progress & cause so that supporters are engaged & feel a part of your challenge.
  • Rmind people about the cause, and refer them to Winds of Hope to learn more about our education programs in Uganda.
  • Send out reminders – most of us are busy and will forget about your cause, so make sure to send out polite reminders as you approach the event deadline.