Start Time Hiking Duration Start Altitude Finish Altitude
11pm 10hrs 4,706m 5,731m

After an early dinner and brief sleep, we awake at 11pm for a light ‘breakfast’ before starting our final climb towards the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Our guides brief the team on what was ahead, and for those whom this was their first climb, faces became a little paler. 🙂

Looking like a bunch of mutlicolored Michelin Men, our puffy summit jackets protecting us from the sub-zero temperates, we began our 10hr suffle up towards the peak.

Zig-zagging as we climbed ever closer, our first accomplishment was to reach Gillman’s Point, the top of the rim of the volcano, which is Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro is actually three stratovolcanos, Shira (which we crossed on the first 2 days), Mawenzi (which collapsed thousands of years ago), and Kibo, the largest and on top of which our destination, Uhuru Peak, is the highest point in Africa.

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