Matthew Proctor

Co-Founder & Lead Guide

Whilst based in Melbourne, Australia, Matthew is a frequent climber of Kilimanjaro, often follows Gorillas in Bwindi and undertakes other adventures in Africa as often as he can! He’s a co-founder of Winds of Hope and will be leading all Kilimanjaro treks.

Stella Nakato


Stella was born in Uganda, Africa, but lives in Melbourne with her husband Matthew. He can’t quite convince her to climb mountains (yet!) so Stella looks after back office and heads up the organization.

Aidan Proctor

Assistant Guide

Aidan is based in Adelaide, and follows his brother on adventures around the world. Aidan has traveled through Uganda and Tanzania, including reaching the peak Kiliamanjaro with his brother.

Musa Isaiah

Uganda Guide

Musa is based in Kampala, and working with his sister Stella looks after our on-the-ground activities in Uganda and neighboring countries.