Porters and guides are typically underpaid by western standards, so it has becoming customary to provide a tip at the end of the climb.

Ironically, whilst discussing tips with porters and guides during the climb is considered inappropriate and discouraged, the rates are actually standardized and recommended by the official body Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project.   This ensures that porters are treated well, and paid properly and correctly for the incredible work they do.

Each group will have one lead guide, and one assistant guide for every three climbers. There is one cook for every 10 climbers,  and one toilet porter per group. The number of general porters in our groups depends on the which route we use, and number of days, but are typically two per climber.

How much to tip?

On a seven day trip, each client should expect to tip between $175 to $220.
On an eight day trip, each client should expect to tip between $200 to $250.

Tipping Ceremony

The tipping ceremony occurs the last night on the mountain, after the summit day. The group will receive two envelopes – one envelope is for tips for the guides and cooks, and the other envelope is for tips for all porters.

 Each envelope has a form completed in it from KPAP (see above) outlining the contributions.  Contributions are typically collected back at the hotel at the conclusion of the trek.