Kilimanjaro Training Schedule – Melbourne Group – Feb-May 2019

Subject to bushfires and other natural disasters, below is a draft training schedule. All treks will continue even if it’s raining (good practice for Kili!), but not when the trek could be dangerous, or in times of extreme heat.

Check out our Facebook Group for more updates, and reports from previous hikes.

Start time & location to be posted the week beforehand.
Date Hike Location Start Time
2-Feb 1000 Steps (6k circuit) Completed!
16-Feb Mt Macedon Climb & Coffee Completed!
1-Mar 1000 Steps (8k circuit with Stony Rise) Completed!
15-Mar Werribee Gorge (10k, 4-5hrs) Completed!
29-Mar Cathedral Ranges (8k, 5-6hrs, difficult) 8am
12-Apr Easter Sunday – No training
26-Apr 1000 Steps (8k circuit with Stony Rise Reverse) 8am
10-May Mothers Day – No training
24-May Brisbane Ranges 8am
7-Jun Point Nepean Walk 8am
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